Castor Cake Fertilizer For Plant 5kg


Castor Cake Fertilizer For Plant 5kg


Original price was: ₹499.Current price is: ₹299.

Castor Cake Fertilizer For Plant 5kg

Original price was: ₹499.Current price is: ₹299.

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Castor Cake By Dhyani Organic Farm And Nursery


Castor cake is a wonderful natural fertilizer that can be used for home gardening. Most people interested in growing fruits and vegetables at home struggle to boost the fertility of the soil, and they often go for chemical fertilizers. However, when you choose amazing products from Dhyani Organic Farm and Nursery, there is no need to contaminate your food. You can easily grow them using natural and organic ingredients. In this regard, you can choose to boost the fertility of the soil by using castor cake that contains the ideal amount of NPK nutrients required for plant growth. It can be used for both fruit and vegetable plants in your garden.


Why is soil fertility important?


When you want to grow vegetables in small pots at home, you will notice that the yield decreases with time. This is a natural process as plants take up the nutrition from the soil, and after a few months, the soil in the pot will be left with no nutrition. In this situation, you need to supply nutrition like NPK on a regular basis to get a good yield from your plants. Apart from that, healthy soil nutrition will also protect your plants from many diseases in the long run. When you use ingredients like castor cake that contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in their natural form, you can easily boost the yield of your plants and maintain soil health for many years.


How to use Castor Cake?


The castor cake you get from Dhyani Farms is available in powder form, and you can directly mix it with the soil. Take a handful of castor cake powder and mix it with the soil when you prepare the potting mix in the early stages of planting. If you already have a grown plant, you can still add the castor cake powder once in a while and water the soil so that the nutrition gets mixed with the soil. The castor cake bag is available in a 5 kg bag, and it costs about Rs 250/- when you buy it from the official portal of Dhyani Farms. This lasts for many months, and you can easily store it away from sunlight to get the best results.


Apart from the essential NPK ingredients, the castor cake powder also has rich amounts of Magnesium, Zinc and copper that can boost the yield of your crops to a large extent. Such fertilizers are used even in big farms to get a good yield from crops. It is suitable for all types of crops, and it does not damage your plants in any manner. As the ingredients are completely organic in nature, there is no need to worry about any harm to your plants. It can also protect your plants from various diseases as the castor cake powder has insecticide properties. It repels various pests that damage the crops. In this manner, using castor cake fertilizer can help you in many ways to protect your plants and promote good growth.


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