Organic Seaweed Extract Liquid Fertilizer For Plants 250ml


Organic Seaweed Extract Liquid Fertilizer For Plants 250ml


Original price was: ₹599.Current price is: ₹240.

Best Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer For Plants 250ml

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Original price was: ₹599.Current price is: ₹240.

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Organic Seaweed Extract By Dhyani Organic Farm And Nursery


Many people interested in home gardening are not able to grow plants in an efficient manner due to a lack of resources.  You need to understand that growing plants in small pots at home is a big challenge in itself as the natural ingredients found in farm soil may not be present in the soil you use at home. In an open field, the natural process of earthworms moving around the soil creates the much-needed air gap for the roots of the plants. Similarly, farm soil will have a huge reserve of essential nutrients that help plants grow throughout the year. In this way, growing plants in an open farm is a rather more manageable task when compared to growing plants at home.


A simple solution to improve the growth of plants


However, you need not worry about this problem anymore as you can easily get seaweed extract from Dhyani Organic Farm and Nursery and use it on your plants to improve their growth. This is the best solution for home gardening, and you will be surprised with the growth of plants after using this seaweed extract. The best part about the fertilizer is that it is made from completely organic materials, and there is no need to worry about chemical contamination. In this manner, it is easy to grow organic fruits and veggies at home by using such products.


How to use liquid seaweed extract?


After buying the liquid seaweed fertilizer from Dhyani Farm, you can mix it with water and spray it on the plants. In this way, the flowering and fruiting will improve by a huge margin, and you will be happy with the results. This is the best way to boost the growth of plants at home without using any chemicals. You do not need any expertise in handling this fertilizer as you can easily mix it with plain water and use it at your convenience.


Cost-effective option


The growth booster seaweed fertilizer from Dhyani Farm comes in a bottle of 250 ml, and it costs Rs 240 when you order it from the official portal of the company. After buying this, you can easily mix a small quantity of liquid fertilizer with normal water and spray it on the plants. Using this once in a while boosts the growth of the plants by a huge margin. There is no need to worry about adverse effects as the fertilizer is made from natural ingredients.


You can use it for all plants without any worries. There is no need to be particular about measurements as the fertilizer is made from organic ingredients. It will not harm your plants in any manner, and it can be used even for already grown plants. This will boost the flowering of the plants, which in turn can improve the yield. In this manner, you can get good yield even with your small pots at home. This is suitable for all varieties of fruits and vegetable plants generally grown at home.



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