Best Neem Cake Powder Fertilizer For Plant 5kg


Best Neem Cake Powder Fertilizer For Plant 5kg


Original price was: ₹599.Current price is: ₹320.

Best Neem Cake Powder Fertilizer For Plant 5kg

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Original price was: ₹599.Current price is: ₹320.

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Neem Cake By Dhyani Organic Farm And Nursery


If you want to increase the yield of your plants in your home garden, you need to use the best quality Neem cake from Dhyani Farms. They provide the best-grade neem cakes that contain phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, and sulphur in their natural form. It is made from naturally obtained neem leaves and provided to you in the form of neem cake powder so that you can easily mix it with the soil and get the best yield. When you are growing plants at home with limited soil in the pots, you need to provide the best nutrition so that your plants give a good yield. For this, you should always depend on organic fertilizers as this will help you get fruits and vegetables that are free from chemicals.


What is neem cake good for?


You will be surprised to know that neem cake can increase the yield of the plants and also protect it from various fungi and other insects that harm the plants. When you want to improve the yield of the plant, you can use the neem cake powder and mix it with the soil in the appropriate proportion. If your plant is already big, you need not disturb the plant to put the neem cake powder. You can remove some soil from the edges and put the neem cake powder in that place. When you water the plants, the nutrients from the neem cake powder will mix with the soil and provide the required nutrition to the plants.


On the other hand, when you are starting a new pot, you can include the neem cake powder in the soil mixture and use it before planting the saplings or seeds. If you want to offer the best protection for the plants from insects and other worms, you need to make tea out of the neem cake powder. Simply soak the neem cake powder in water for some time and extract the tea using a plain cloth. You can now use the tea on the plants directly or mix it with some plain water according to the strength of the tea. In this way, the leaves and stem get protection from insects and worms in harsh weather conditions.


Buy neem cake powder online:


You can now order neem cake powder online at the official portal of Dhyani Farms. It is available in a 5 kg packet, and it costs about Rs 250. This lasts for a long time as you can easily store it in a cool and dry place for nearly a year. Make sure that direct sunlight does not fall on the neem cakes, as this can reduce the efficiency of the powder. Using it in this manner on the plants can provide a good yield in the long run.


This neem cake powder is completely organic, and there is no need to depend on chemical fertilizers or pesticides for your plants. It can be safely used for all kinds of plants in your home garden.


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